X-Mas cards featured on the Card & gift blog

My new X-Mas cards have been featured in the Christmas cards “Terrific Trees” round up on the lovely card & gift blog.

“From Eco-friendly wonders to luxury cards, today’s Christmas card pick are a ‘top ten’ of greetings cards decorated with fabulous Christmas trees and a few other festive treats.”


You can find all my Christmas cards here.


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One thought on “X-Mas cards featured on the Card & gift blog

  1. i totally have to join you on pinterest ! i love your designs. they are smart and minimalistic but also elegant !!! for my close friends & family i would rather buy something like that !
    but what to do with all these colleagues, friends, and other ppl you know ?
    i hate this card madness every year and i might jut try some e-cards. i found a great site for that, so let’s see how it works and how ppl will like it.
    what you think ?

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