Colorful Christmas accessories to complete your 2014 holidays

Are you ready for the holiday season? Whether you’re looking for special Christmas decoration, things to go with your gifts or the ever so popular planners for next year, check out this list I put together for the 2014 holiday season:




1. Christmas tree Ornaments by SkyGoodies


Downloadable Christmas tree paper ornaments

These ready-to-print “minimal and elegant geometric DIY paper Christmas ornaments are the perfect holiday decoration!”

The set includes templates of 10 ornaments in red, green and black & white. Since this is a download, you can print as many as you like and mix and match them. Enjoy crafting together! You can find the downloads over here.



2. “Rudolf the Reindeer” Christmas Card Set by anomis


Pack-of-6 Christmas card sets that can be used as greeting cards or gift tags.

This Christmas card set is all about triangles and plaid. If you look closely, you’ll find Rudolf the reindeer within the design. You get 6 cards with varied pattern-sizes and 6 red envelopes. Choose the larger size, if you want greeting cards or the smaller size to use as gift tags. Head over here to get the Christmas cards.




3.Eager Beaver planner by anomis

Any New Year’s resolutions yet? Me neither. Why not work on some goals, instead.


With this eager beaver calendar and planner you’ll set long term and short term goals and figure out how to stick to them.


The eager beaver planner/calendar is filled with 12 motivational quotes for each month to keep you inspired. Since it’s also a workbook, it will guide you step by step to get you closer to your goal each month. Watch as the eager beaver progresses each month by putting one branch in front of the other until he reaches the other side in the end. And if the beaver can do it, so can you. Find the planner here.
beaver_anyyear3 beaver_anyyear4 beaver_anyyear5


4. Double Sided Wrapping Paper by EvaenAnne


Double-sided wrapping paper set with colorful surface patterns.

I’m a big fan of EvaenAnne and their double sided wrapping papers. This mixed pack comes in 3 sheets and 6 colorful designs for a happy wrapping experience and of course unwrapping experience! Get it here.



5. Personalized gift tags by PrintSmitten


Customizable chalkboard-style gift tag set

These toned-down, yet personalized gift tags make every present even more unique. You can choose either your name or initials to appear on the tags. The set includes 8 tags, you can get it here.




Over to you

What are your favorite holiday accessories in 2014? Can you recommend other must-haves for the holidays? Post them below.

Simona Cellar is the founder of anomis. A designer who focuses on the element of surprise in her designs. Come on a journey of discovery and find the hidden beauty all around you. Join the mailing list here and get inspiring articles.

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