The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap


I am participating in this year’s The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap, where each participant creates a stitched postcard and receives one in the post from somewhere else in the world.

This year’s theme is “celebrate”. I started thinking about the biggest moments this year where I felt most overjoyed. The greatest moment that stood out and deserves most celebration, was definitely winning the Women’s Softball European Cup B with the London Angels. I’ve played softball for a long time and have been to many tournaments, but this one just stood out to me. I’ve never played such close games, where we almost lost but then came back to win it all again. Anyone playing softball, knows what I’m talking about.

But, as I know too well in my own country, not everyone knows about Softball in the world. I didn’t want to make my card specifically about Softball, it had to be something that anyone anywhere can grasp and benefit from. For that reason, I was looking for a broader term of my softball experience – Victory. I stumbled upon a quote that then tied it all together: “Celebrate your victories. You worked hard for them.” I wanted to appeal to anyone when it came to the imagery, so I choose a common object of celebration – balloons.

Check out lots of other cool cards of participants here.

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DIY Rope Dog Leash

As a dog owner and designer I want my dog to look stylish as well. Mungo and Maud’s rope collars and leashes are totally up my “dog style alley”. But since they are a bit pricy for me, I’m loving Curby’s DIY Rope Dog Leash manual. I’m definitely going to give this a try, these just look fabulous!


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DIY-Nautical Knot Bracelets

I’m usually not a big fan of wearing anything on my wrists besides my watch. But these cute bracelets sure make me think twice about it. Add a little style to your summer with these lovely nautical DIY-Bracelets. Head over to the etsy blog and learn step by step how you can create your own personal nautical bracelets.