Top 10 surface pattern design blogs

When I first entered the world of surface patterns, I was happy to find so many great sources of inspiration. If you’re new to surface pattern design, then this top 10 blog list will give you a great introduction and inspiration to the surface pattern industry.

I’ll start off with the surface pattern enthusiasts and then get deeper into the business of the surface pattern industry. My top ten includes visual libraries, online magazines, online classes, communities, designers, create your own fabric, competitions, and the design guild. This rating is not based on best to worst. These blogs are all equally important for different reasons.


For the surface pattern enthusiasts

1. print & pattern


This blog celebrates the world of surface pattern design

On a first glance, the print & pattern blog is visual news for the stationery and textile world. You don’t need to read entire stories, instead you can just keep scrolling and be inspired by all the visual beauty. It’s basically Pinterest for surface patterns. It is not a surprise then, that this blog is among the top surface pattern blogs as it is easy and fun to be visually inspired.

Behind this visual library lies “Bowie Style” (Marie Perkins). She has not only been feeding us with the latest visual inspiration, but has also published three books: “print & pattern 1“, “print & pattern 2” and “print & pattern kids“, where she documents the latest designers and their work.

Marie is also a surface pattern designer herself and has done some impressive work that is also worth taking a look at in her studio Inkjet Designs.


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Guest post: “Live Sweet Photography”

A few weeks ago I was able to do a guest blog post for the lovely Live Sweet Photography. Lindsey, the portrait photographer, loves capturing the little special moments in life just as much as I like to create them with my surface patterns.

You can read the post right here


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X-Mas cards featured on the Card & gift blog

My new X-Mas cards have been featured in the Christmas cards “Terrific Trees” round up on the lovely card & gift blog.

“From Eco-friendly wonders to luxury cards, today’s Christmas card pick are a ‘top ten’ of greetings cards decorated with fabulous Christmas trees and a few other festive treats.”


You can find all my Christmas cards here.


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New Christmas card collection

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas! If you like a little variety, this Christmas card collection is just the right thing for you.


This collection is a combination of triangles, plaid and Rudolf, the red nose reindeer. Since I’ve always loved everything about the forest, I chose Rudolf to represent Christmas. You can find all Christmas cards here.

Because each one of you has different preferences of buying your holiday cards, I’ve set up a variety of options:

1. Single cards

If you prefer single cards, choose from the following three designs (Click on image to jump to offer):




2. Variety pack of 3 cards or pack of 6

If you’d like to have one (or two) of each design, then the pack of 3 (or 6) cards is for you (click on image to jump to offer):



3. Pack of 6

If you’d like to have the same design, then choose the pack of 6 cards (click on image to jump to offer):




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New Motivational Calendar

Any New Year’s resolutions yet? Me neither. But maybe we can work on some goals together.


I’ve created the eager beaver calendar last year. I actually started a 3-day design challenge two years ago. Over the Christmas holidays I challenge myself to create a calendar within 3 days. I wanted a creative challenge, where I would create content quickly.

I’m a big fan of quotes, because when I have a bad day, these usually help me through the day. So I wanted to somehow include the idea of quotes. And since the new year is always attached to resolutions (that are usually not achieved), I wanted to find a way for people to stay inspired through the year and give them little hints to work on their goals.

Since I have a dog and practically live in the forest, it’s a big source of inspiration for me. I was researching animals that plan and achieve. And so I found the beaver! The beaver always has a goal – build a dam. And step by step he collects tree branches, carries it to the water, until he has accomplished his goal.

The eager beaver calendar is filled with 12 motivational quotes for each month to keep you inspired. Since it’s also a workbook, it will guide you step by step to get you closer to your goal each month. Watch as the eager beaver progresses each month by putting one branch in front of the other until he reaches the other side in the end. And if the beaver can do it, so can you.

You can get more infos and details on the beaver calendar on my etsy site.

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“365 Surface Patterns”-Challenge

What a great project idea! The surface pattern designer Alma Loveland is creating one surface pattern design each day – for 365 days! I’m so inspired, that I want to do this myself. But let’s be honest, I just don’t have the time right now! 😉 In the meantime, check out how Ollibird’s patterns are coming along.

alma_1 alma_2 alma_3 alma_4 alma_5

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